Church Organisations & Contacts

   Revd Canon Judy Hunt,  

Rector of Whitchurch and Priest in Charge of Fauls and Tilstock

   01948    667253

Revd Sue Armstrong, Associate Minister of the FTW
and based at Fauls
01948 840 039

Revd Elaine Atack, Associate Minister of the FTW
and based in Tilstock
01948 880 380

Pastoral Care

“Bear one another’s burdens and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ”

As part of our care for one another, if you know of anyone (yourself included) who would appreciate a visit from a church member, please let us know. This might be due to illness or some other reason.

You can do this by putting a note in the box by the Prayer Board or by contacting any of the following:

Audrey Baguley (662692)                  Jill Wallace (666233)                 Vic Woodhouse (666420)                 or the Rector, Judy Hunt (667253)





Electoral Roll Officer

Organist & Choirmaster

PCC Lay Chair

PCC Secretary

PCC Treasurer

Church Office

Church Email

Bargates Hall

Mr John Stokes

Mr Phil Pettitt

Mrs Pauline Stokes

Mr Paul Wiliamson

Dr Bob Fowler

Mr John Stokes

Mrs Judy Bellingham

Mrs Melanie Williams

Miss Jo Lavin


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01948    665194

01948    663194

01948    664112

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01948    663443

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07800 569 801