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Have a look at our Feb March issue to find out about what is going on during lent - how animals help us live a better life plus mmuch more - just click on the pdf to the left to view 


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Hello, welcome to our Publications section. Here you will find the latest edition of both our main publications:

The Chancel Steps - a bi-monthly news-letter designed to highlight news from the PCC and to show what else is, or has been, happening  at St Alkmund's

The Parish Magazine for Fauls, Tilsock & Whitchurch -  a more in-depth look at the news from the parishes with reports from various groups, a look at the work that has been going on, and a look forward to events coming up in the future, and much more.

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To view our magazine click on the PDF icon above. In it you will find details of or Christingle Service and news from the Children's society; News of a New Curate; Messy Church Dates; Fauls Supper Club;a report from our Some Enchanted Evening Concert and Details of The Messiah - concert with Peter Edge, Chester Bach Singers and the 18th Century Sinfonia; News from our 3 parishes and much more!
As you can see from our Front Cover we are having an evening of music and food organised by The Friends of St Alkmunds and to be held at Etzio with Revd Rich Clarkson Entertaining us. We have several other events coming up of the next few months - details of which you can find in this issue of the Parishes Magazine. To view the magazine click on the PDF file below.

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This issue of our bi-monthly Parish Magazine has a rather good picture on the front of Bishop Michael Ipgrave, Bishop of Lichfield when he visited our church to confirm candidates from Whitchurch, Fauls, Tilstock and Shrewsbury  in April.

There is quite a lot to look forward to in our 3 Parishes during the next couple of months

A Scarecrow Trail, Summer Fete, Organ Concert and Last Night of the Proms at Fauls (with Pimms and strawberries)

So have a look through and see what you might fancy jonining in with. Just click on the PDF logo above or pick up a copy from the back of any of our churches.


April May 2019 PDF.pdf April May 2019 PDF.pdf
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Click on the PDF symbol to download the new edition of the Parish magazine for Fauls, Tilstock & Whitchurch.This edition contains information for all of our Easter Services and forthcoming events.

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The second issue of the year  our Feb/March Magazine contains all you need to know about what is going on in the Parishes of Fausl, Tilstock & Whitchurch.
See what we are doing for:
  1.  Lent
  2. Traidcraft Big Brew 40th Birthday
  3. Wear it Woolly (AgeUK)

Just click on the pdf icon above to view the magazine which is aldo available form the back of each of our three churches.
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See our December/January Magazine for details of all of our Christmas Services and events plus news from around our parishes.... and did you want to know anout the colours of the candles on the Advent wreath and their significance...... read on and you might find the answers!

Merry Christmas

October November 2018 pdf.pdf October November 2018 pdf.pdf
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The October/November Magazine is full of useful information about upcomming services and events.

It also pays homage to the centenery of WW1 with a special article inside the front cover about Richard William Dugdale, son of the Rector of Whitchurch, at that time, Revd Sidney Dugdale and his wife Phyllis.
August September 2018 pdf.pdf August September 2018 pdf.pdf
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The front cover of this issue of the Parishes’ Magazine features a photograph, taken at Time Together in Bargates Hall on Wednesday 19th of July, of the presentation of a cheque to Time Together for £90 from a group of ex-Laundrycraft workers Sheila Chidlow and Margaret Dykes. Sheila’s sister Sylvia Vickers was a regular at Time Together.

For this and much more about what is happening in the Parishes of Fauls Tilstock and Whitchurch - click on the pdf  button above.

June July 2018 pdf.pdf June July 2018 pdf.pdf
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See our new style magazine - same colourful content 

New pull out  - centre page - diary for the FTW

New colour sections on the inside front and back cover

Read about our FTW Joint Rogation Service at Tilstock 

and the 'Tilstock Royal Wedding' both with a splendid array of photographs!

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Click on the pdf symbol above to view our bi-monthly Parishes Magazine.
See What went on during Holy Week
and what is coming up, too!
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Click on the pdf symbol to the left to view the latest edition of our Parish Magazine
Dec 2017 Jan 2018 pdf.pdf Dec 2017 Jan 2018 pdf.pdf
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Find out what is happening this Christmas in the Parishes of Fauls, Tilstock & Whitchurch, known as the FTW group of Parishes.

If the pressure of getting ready for Christmas is getting to you why not come to one of our Meditative Advent Services see page 4 (below the Rector's Letter)

The Christmas Services for each church are on the back cover.

The Centre - page spread is a pull-out section about Praying for others during this busy Christmas season.
OCT NOV 2017 PDF.pdf OCT NOV 2017 PDF.pdf
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Click on the PDF symbol above to view the latest edition our our Parish Magazine.
Front Cover shows members of the congregations about to set out on a 40 mile bike ride for Ride and Stride.
The centre pages show our Harvest activities and the diary is packe with useful dates.


AUG SEPT 2017 pdf.pdf AUG SEPT 2017 pdf.pdf
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News from the Parishes of Fauls, Tilstock & Whitchurch

Read more about forthcoming events like

Shropshire Ride & Stride 9th Sept

Concerts :-

Mainly Folk 15th September at Welsh End Chapel

Opera on an Autumn Evening 28th October at St Alkmund's, W/ch

Chris & his Retrospectives 11th November at St Alkmund's in aid of Christ Church, Tilstock.


The newly named 'Parish Magazine for Whitchurch, Fauls and Tilstock', as the name implies now covers all three of our churches. The cover (right)  features The Revd Elaine Atack, the newly appointed House for Duty Priest - more news of her appointment inside.

Lunchtime concert series, Thursdays in June 12-12.45pm in St Alkmund's Church.

Letter from Revd Sue Armstrong

Parish News

and More, just click on the pdf symbol below to view.

June July 2017 pdf.pdf June July 2017 pdf.pdf
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April May 2017.pdf April May 2017.pdf
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Find out what the Bishop was doing in the cemetery

What's happening in Holy Week

Parish News

Thy Kingdome Come - prayer initiative

Faith Pictures

Developing and looking after our church building

Christian Aid Week

and much more

Just click on the pdf symbol above to find our more.

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To open the pdf of our February March Parish Magazine click on the Pdf symbol above.

In this issue

Front cover -  features Revd Rich and Lucie Clarkson with their three children, Charlie (Front left, and holding Luca's Baptismal Candle) Toby (front right holding Luca's 'beginners Bible for toddlers) and the newest member of our congregation, their baby Luca, in his mothers arms.

The photograph was taken after Luca's Baptism.

Pastoral Letter - this time from the Rector of Whitchurch Revd Canon Dr Judy Hunt ' Dementia & Rural Isolation' and our own 'Time Together' - a group for those with Memory Loss or Dementia and their family, friends & carers.

Back Page - The Traidcraft Big Brew and how buying fairly traded produce can help! on pg 6

Centre pages - What's happening in the Parishes of Fauls Tilstock and Whitchurch during Lent 2017.

And more, much more!

November December 2016.pdf November December 2016.pdf
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You really missed a treat if you did not come to our 'Opera on an autumn evening' concert. 4 fabulous young singers and their wonderful accompanist put on a really fabulous evening. Read all about it on the back page.

Also the newest addition to our congregation - baby Luca Clarkson - pictured with is dad, Revd Rich on the Back page.

Special 'Christmas Events pull out section advertises all our services and events leading up to and including Christmas day.

 ST ALIMUND'S PARISH MAGAZINE September/October Edition

The Picture on the front cover is of a 'Shropshire Violets' perfume bottle sent to us by a lady from Devon. Have you ever seen a bottle like it, know why it was produced or now of a company that may have produced it or the perfume that was once inside it? If you do please get in touch with us - details on page 10

Centre Pages: Read about the Farming Community Network, The Whitchurch Foodbank and Wateraid -  three of the charities that this year's Harvest donations are going to.

New this edition, on pg 11, Sunday Rotas - if you volunteer on a Sunday let us know if this is of use to you.

This edition' s Diary includes Heritage Weekend, Reader licensing at Lichfield Cathedral, Messy Church - a new venture, Harvest Services, St Luke's Tide Healthcare Service, Memorial and Thanksgiving Service and much more

September October PDF 2016.pdf September October PDF 2016.pdf
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July August 2016 pdf.pdf July August 2016 pdf.pdf
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In this edition of our bi-monthly

Parish Magazine... ...

Time Together Needs your vote - for crucial funding see centre pages

The Junior School visits to learn about Pentecost

Parish News and dates for your diary.

May June a 2016.pdf May June a 2016.pdf
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The May June Parish Magazine Front Cover features a picture of the art work done by pupils of Whitchurch CE Junior School and Sir John Talbot's, which replaces The Ascension Window whilst it is away for Restoration.

see the PDF for the full Magazine.

March April 2016.pdf March April 2016.pdf
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Meet the New Bishop of Lichfield

Say farewell to Malcolm and Carol Rigley

Read about the new Dementia Group - Time Together

plus much more 

Jan Feb 2016.pdf Jan Feb 2016.pdf
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EASTER IS EARLY THIS YEAR so check out the centre pages to see what is happening during LENT!!

The newest member of our Choir, Tammie,  is pictured (left) with our Curate Revd Rich Clarkson - read more about our choir on the back cover of the magazine which you can pick up in church for 50p or open the PDF file above to read for FREE!! 

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The Team Times is a newsletter brought to you by the Parishes of the Shropshire North Six (SN6). See what all the churches in the team are doing! Click the PDF tile above to view.